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Worship Awake is a Christian worship movement aimed at awakening worship in the hearts of those who are called to worship!

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Our new EP has been launched and is available on all digital music platforms.

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We released our first single, Break The Bread, featuring Langa Mbonambi and James Pringle on 8 April. Available on all the digital platforms.

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Our Story

Worship Awake is a Christian worship movement aimed at awakening and stoking existing fires of worship in the hearts of every worshipper!

This initiative started when Christelle (Stella) Combrink, a small-town farmer girl felt stirred to encourage worshippers from across South Africa to link arms to cover South Africa in a blanket of worship and prayer around the clock during Lockdown 2020.  

God’s favour, grace and anointing was so strong on this movement that from day one the pool of worship leaders was enough for almost 24hours of continuous worship over our nation.

At this stage, these heartfelt worship offerings and prayers were featured on a Facebook Page, which was then called Worship South Africa.  This virtual platform saw the participation of around 300 worship leaders whose songs, music and prayers reached the homes of over 30 000 South Africans needing to keep in hope, encouragement, faith, and trust for miracles for South Africa despite the uncertainties and challenges of Lockdown.   

As various levels of lockdown were relaxed, Worship South Africa encouraged worshippers to the Mission field.  This led to a complimentary movement called  #Feet On The Street with the challenge to consider where Jesus would be in times of crisis!  The heart of Feet on the Street was recognising the authority, Presence and power of believers and worshippers; which needed to be released into cities and nations to influence atmospheres, to impact change and to usher in breakthrough, healing, restoration, peace and God’s plans over territories.  

At its peak, there were over 26 active groups around South Africa from major cities to small dorpies with worshippers spilling onto the streets to exalt Jesus and to action God-directed missions.   Worshippers released their songs in hospitals, neighbourhoods, strategic government buildings, businesses, schools, public places, homeless shelters, beachfront areas and high places all over South Africa; with full confidence of Joshua 1:3 “I will give you every place where you set foot!”

Besides keeping the nation covered in worship, other blessings that resulted was the unity of worshippers around South Africa; the collaboration, cooperation and knitting of hearts after Jesus, King of Kings, Lord of Lords!  There has also been a natural outworking of collaboration through song writing retreats across the country where South African songwriters gather to worship God together, and co-write songs that honour Him. 

Join Us In Worship

We had the privilege of capturing some of these beautiful worship moments and songs. We look forward to sharing them with you! They have blessed all the worshippers involved and we trust they will bless YOU! Join us in worship as we release Worship Awake‘s first single, “Break The Bread” As we reflect on God’s goodness over this last season, we recognise that there is more to come and we want to embrace the newness, freshness and increase in what God has started. It is with these stirrings that we now move forward with Worship Awake!

Be sure to add our Worship Awake playlist to your library on Spotify or Apple Music. It’s updated once a month and features a beautiful selection of contemporary worship songs from South African soil; a harvest of anointed voices in our nation!

Join our South African worship artists, passionately exalting Jesus over our land and people!!!
Come taste and see the goodness of our God, as every tribe, tongue and language in our nation invites our King of Glory to take His place.

About Our Company

Also, be sure to add our Worship Awake playlist to your library on Spotify or Apple Music. It's updated once a month and features a beautiful selection of contemporary worship songs from South African soil. (link https://worshipawake.lnk.to/Playlist )

We are a registered NPO and your giving will help support all the workings of this movement. You can sponsor a worship leader to attend one of our retreats, give towards recording funds, or aid in administration costs. Simply click on the “Sow a seed” link. You can also support by sponsoring your time and skills. Email us at sow@worshipawake.com - please share your story and how you would like to serve!

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We would love to chat. If you have any questions or want to get involved, leave your details and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. 

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    Worship Awake
    We’re so grateful for wonderful testimonies of restoration, realignment and awakening of hearts from the songwriting retreat 2 weeks back! We praise God for the wonderful work He is doing within His worshippers. We’ll be sharing some testimonies on our social media platforms soon. We’re also very aware of the fact that many of you are facing DIFFICULT environments and circumstances… We continue to pray for you and we’re thinking of ways we can support you going forward! One such an opportunity is the Zeal conference happening in the Cape and in Pretoria very soon!Something special happens when we collaborate and come together from different backgrounds and church groups…. It’s difficult to put into words, but the best way to describe it is that a healing takes place that we don’t even realise is needed… If you need to be refreshed and restored, come! If you need to be equipped and empowered, come! Register asap. (especially for the one in the Cape that is around the corner)shofaronlinestore.org/events/tickets/zeal-24-cape-town/shofaronlinestore.org/events/tickets/zeal-24-pretoria/📸 these incredible pics taken by Next Is ... See MoreSee Less
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